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We employ some of the most talented builders in Italy and our engineers, supported by our specialist teams, deliver unrivalled building services solutions.



Established in 2004, Daratech Global Services is currently one of the leading Building & Civil Engineering Contractors in Nigeria. In addition to headquarters offices in Abuja, we have regional offices located in Lagos, Ibadan and Benin City.

The combination of on-site professional management and office-based engineering, design and planning staff, equipped with advanced computerised facilities, has enabled Daratech to maintain itself in the forefront of Construction and Engineering Technology in Nigeria.

Innovate and introduce proven developments in design and planning staff, equipped with advanced computerised facilities, has enabled Daratech to maintain itself in the forefront of Construction and Engineering Technology in Nigeria.
Daratech is able to undertake a multitude of Civil Engineering/Building Projects and have adequate facilities for the construction of:

  • Roadworks, Bridges, Drainage & Concrete Structures
  • Land Reclamation, River Canalization & Dredging
  • Dams, Water Supply, Irrigation Schemes & Marine Installations
  • Airport runways and infrastructure

Daratech Global services engages in general supply of several categories of items which generally includes medical, agricultural, mechanical, communication and building materials. We pride ourselves in the level of quality we maintain and the crop of manufacturing partners we have all over the world.

Daratech Global Services Limited direct involvement with more than 500 agricultural retail outlets in Nigeria, establishes the company as a leading supplier of irrigation products and general industrial requisites on a wholesale level in the region.

Daratech marketing drive is supported by an extensive internet catalogue and e-commerce site, contact us for more than 18 000 product lines. At present we have a ship load of rice available for wholesale and at the most affordable rate at a first come first serve basis.

We welcome you to contact us concerning the supply of the following range of product as we currently have a warehouse of products we need to market to the public:

  • Rice
  • Cassava
  • Palm Oil
  • Poultry

Over the years, the Company has positioned itself as one of the largest specialized operators in the world by leveraging its main competitive advantages: skilled personnel, specialized equipment, robust safety systems, long-standing relationships with the world’s largest mining companies and access to capital. This positioning is strengthened by the Company’s senior management having experienced several economic and mining industry cycles.

Our corporate strategy remains to:

· be the world leader in specialized drilling;
· diversify our services within the drilling field;
· maintain a strong balance sheet;
· be the best in class in safety and human resources; and
· modernize our conventional fleet and expand our footprint in strategic areas..


We provide integrated solutions to customers across the public and private sectors of the economy.

At daratech our people live our values and our actions are underpinned by these principles. Our corporate culture is professional, innovative, disciplined, friendly and open, and we are committed to excellence and global standards. We promote a work environment based on faith, respect, timeliness, objectivity, merit, effective communication, compliance with policies and processes, corporate loyalty and swift execution. We enjoy what we do.

Our strength lies in our people who are very professional and together with our local and international partners, we are poised to deliver exceptional products and services. Our responsiveness, professional competence and partnership skills are what have continually given us the edge in our services offerings.

Our Business Areas includes:

We provide excellent IT solutions to our customers in the following areas:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Systems Deployment and Integrations
  • System Monitoring, Management and Problem Resolution
  • Biometrics and Security Solution
  • Connectivity and Integration Solutions
  • Hosted Services
  • Content Management and Collaboration Solutions
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Microsoft Solutions Procurement, Licensing, Implementation and Support
  • e-Business Services
  • Infrastructure Services, Hardware Supply and Maintenance
  • Cloud Services & Mobile Apps Solution
  • Campus Wireless Solutions

We are a  leading renewable energy provider in Nigeria. We deliver the most affordable and energy efficient solutions to power homes and industries across Nigeria. We are Partners to building your dreams. We are the go-to-company for alternative and uninterruptible source of power. With strong international partnerships with top notch global energy companies such as ABB, Ashley Edison, and Cappello group, we provide reliable power infrastructure for your business.


Daratech Consulting is an umbrella organisation for businesses that provides professional services across a wide range of industries and sectors. This we do by approaching our clients requirement from two major areas:

  1. We works with its clients to achieve significantly increased profitability through the implementation of operational improvements leading to increased sales, lower operating and overhead costs, increased output and lower capital expenditure.
  2. We business provide services to both the private and public sectors through its deep knowledge of issues relevant to specific industries. In the private sector Kurt Salmon has expertise in the retail, consumer goods, financial services, manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, media, transportation and health care industries.

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